Loaded Hummus & Veggie Sandwich


One of the most amusing questions I get asked when people find out I’m a plant-based vegan is, “So what DO you eat?” I usually have no idea where to start because the truth is that I usually feel so overwhelmed with the abundance of options available to me. That being said, I can definitely understand how people are so confused by it since most Americans I know were raised with a diet focused around a lot of meat, eggs and dairy.

So, I like to answer with really simple items that even my carnivore friends have tried and really enjoyed. The easiest place to start is with one of my top three favorite foods*: chickpeas. Of course, the amazing chickpea is the base for traditional hummus. Another food in my top three is avocado. So if you combine avocados with hummus, I’m basically in heaven. Add that to a sandwich with lots of fresh veggies, and I don’t even know how to describe my level of happiness.

Lucky for me, the awesome people at Hope Foods were kind enough to send me some coupons so I could try out some of their products, and I’m excited to do so because this is a brand I have loved for quite some time. The first item I grabbed was their Spicy Avocado Hummus — for obvious reasons.

Today I’m sharing what is perhaps my favorite super fast plant-based meal to make: a LOADED hummus and veggie sandwich. I seriously can’t think of many things that are more satisfying than biting into a sandwich or wrap stuffed to the brim with creamy hummus and a variety of veggies. Here is my favorite way to make mine.


  • Start with your bread of choice. I really like these millet and flax rolls that are made locally in Florida, but you could go with anything! Fresh sourdough, gluten-free bread, a wrap of some sort, pita bread, even a raw coconut wrap (but maybe that’s a different category).
  • Vegan mayo. Just a little bit though because the hummus is the star. I like to spread about 1/2 a spoonful on the bottom and top it with freshly ground black pepper.
  • Hummus: I use lots of it. I spread the Hope Foods Spicy Avocado Hummus all over the top and bottom of the bread.
  • Tomato: a nice thick slice or two
  • Greens: usually spinach or romaine
  • Sprouts & microgreens: one type or maybe both.
  • Something fermented, like pickle slices or banana peppers, will give it an extra kick
  • Red onion because what’s a sandwich without red onion? Omit if you hate onion, but I disagree with you so much on this.
  • Put it together! Pile it all on there, lift it up, smash it together, and shove it in your face. Don’t worry about the mess because you only live once and it’s freaking delicious to eat it this way.
  • Enjoy!


*In case you’re curious, my top three favorite foods in order are Japanese sweet potatoes, avocado and chickpeas (and hummus by extension).


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